Auto Caller System

Krusher – Auto Caller System can offer you:

Notifications Via Calls,sms Or Viber

Notifications via calls,sms or viber

the subscriber can be notified by any of the selected methods or comprehensively

Real-time Call Results<br />

Real-time call results

all current events are displayed immediately on the user’s dashboard

Call History And Statistics

Call history and statistics

chronology of all calls and recording of conversations can be used for quality control

Leads Generation

Leads generation

process of creation the customer base

Business Processes

Business processes

full-stack sales technology

Import / Export

Import / Export

possibility to import databases for calling and then export the results

User Access Control

User access control

each employee will be shown only the information to which he has access

Integration With VoIP

Integration with VoIP

integration with Asterisk, Freepbx and other SIP PBXs



the ability to integrate with the system is open to developers

The auto caller service will help you:

  • if you need to quickly notify customers / partners / friends;
  • if you want to interview your customers;
  • if you need to call debtors;
  • if you want to offer a new product or service;
  • if you want to recall an important event.

Any questions - please send call back request and we will contact you.


Will help you learn more about the state of affairs in your company.

Call Type

Call type

Grouping by incoming, outgoing and internal calls

Call Statuses

Call Statuses

Statistics by status (answered, skipped, busy, error)



Separation by day, month, year and type of call



Filter by date, operator etc.



Saving call statistics to a file

Missed Calls

Missed calls

Accounting for missed calls

Any questions - please send call back request and we will contact you.

Developing Services

We are developing programs for your business.

Functional Development

Functional development

Creation of mechanisms on the instructions of the customer



Implementation of integration with other software.



Implementation and technical support.