Working with CRM

How can I enter the user's profile?

For authorization in the CRM Krusher profile, you need to know the login and password that you need to enter in the same fields on your subdomain. And after filling in the fields, you need to click the “Sign in” button.

If your username and password are correct, your profile page will open up to you. But if the login and password are not suitable, the system will give an error and will not allow you to take advantage of all the features of CRM.


How to prepare a database of numbers for import into the system?

Mandatory data requirements in the database for import:

  • telephone numbers must be in international format (for example, for Russia, the number should start from 7, for Ukraine from 380, for Germany from 49, etc.)
  • numbers should not be in the same column as other data
  • the file should not contain unnecessary data
  • the file must not contain special characters
  • file must not contain unnecessary stylistics

Let’s consider a way of formatting numbers, using the example of Ukrainian numbers.
а) You must delete all unnecessary columns and rows from the database (for example, column names);
б) phone numbers must be in international format

If the numbers in your database are not written in an international format (and start with 0, ie as a local dialing format), then to add the missing digits to the beginning of the number to all the numbers in the same column:
1) In the EXCEL file in the adjacent column in the upper first cell, specify =38& and click on the cell in the same row, but in the column with the numbers (click on the cell with the number)
If there is no empty column to the right of the column with numbers, then it must be added (in the example: we right-click on column C and choose to insert the column on the right);

2) press Enter and in this column you should see the number you need, but in an international format;
3) then select this (new) cell. In the lower right corner of the cell there is a square on which you want to press (do not let go) pull the column down;


4) when you release the cell you will see that in the new column all the numbers will appear but in the required format;

5) Next you need to select the entire new column with the correct number format (click on the column number (in Excel columns are numbered with letters) the required column in the example is D).
Copy it Ctrl+C and paste it with a paste special (paste values only) into the first column (in the example, column C) with the wrong number format.

6) After that, you can delete the entire column D (for this you need to right-click on the column number and select delete column).

The format of the numbers is correct.

After all items have been checked, you need to save the file in CSV format so that the file does not retain unnecessary data formatting (ie, the bold or colored text will be lost). To do this, click “Save As” and select the desired format for saving.



How to create a template for downloading a database of numbers?

Before loading the database, you must create a template for the database.
It is in the template that the names of all columns are specified.

Creating a template:
а) Settings -> BASES -> Templates -> Action -> New

б) Next, enter the name of the template.
The first field is indicated below: “Full name” – this field will be displayed as “Name” in the database.
в) Then use the “Add” button to add the necessary fields (Column name) and column numbers in the file (Position).

base “Sold cars (buyers)” contains 4 columns:
1 – number
2 – name (full name)
3 – phone (if there is a need to enter several items, enter a comma (3,4,5)

The best part is that the template is created once and when you import such a database, you do not have to create a template again


How to import the database?

We pass to Settings -> BASES -> Import/Export

1. Select the desired template
2. Point 2 and 3 are left as is
3. Go to step 4 – load the desired file with the database.
4. Click “Download”

Your file has been uploaded.
For checking we pass in Clients – List of bases – Ukraine – Trade list.csv – Ringing

On the right is the loaded database. Of all the fields on this page, five main ones are displayed:
1. Phone (the first specified column is displayed)
2. Name (in the “full name” template)
3. Email address
4. Responsible
5. Comment

To clarify the details for any subscriber, you must click on the name of the desired subscriber.


Work mechanism - AutoDial

How does AutoDial work?

The operation of the AutoDial mechanism in CRM Krusher is presented on the diagram:


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