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Telephone marketing is the best strategy for auto dealers

The car is a long time ago not a luxury. Residents of large cities are increasingly buying property in the suburbs, away from the noise of the metropolis. 10-30 kilometers to the city – not the distance, if there is a car. But this does not mean that sales from car dealerships are cosmic and one can safely summarize successful contracts in a monthly report.

In fact, everything is far from rosy. Marketing strategy and plan have not been canceled. Significant purchases, alas, are not yet done as often as we would like.

Auto dealers are a special category among those who sell cars. The contract with the direct producer for the supply and the contractual obligations make them reliable partners for the direct consumer. And to inform the buyer about all the service offers of the dealer center, you need the right tool.

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Visual advertising or commercials on TV give a one-sided view of the car, interaction with the consumer occurs only in one plane. Plus, the audience of such advertising is too broad and not very responsive. If we are talking about efficiency, then in this plan the best strategy has been and remains the telephone marketing.

The financial and economic situation today is such that every business at some stage thinks about reducing costs and optimizing costs. By the “price / effect” ratio, the choice in favor of telemarketing is obvious.

Like every perfectionist, the auto dealership usually follows the logic: “If you want to do well, do it yourself.” So the history of call-centers on the base of the auto show begins and falls through. None, even the most perfect structure, will not be able to work so quickly and efficiently as the automatic call system.

Among many such tools apart is CRM Krusher, which is able to raise your sales to a new level.

Such a system has many advantages, first and foremost of which is speed. At the same time, you can make a hundred calls, offering the potential buyer several introductory scenarios. CRM Krusher allows you to customize the interactive menu, through which the client can see the full range of services and services of the auto dealer.

Buying a car is always a serious and balanced decision. Online access to information in a convenient format is one of the most significant advantages for you..

Scenarios in CRM Krusher can be prescribed for all services provided by the auto center: pre-sales preparation, selection and installation of additional equipment, a long test drive and much more.

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Auto dealers and so differ from the “gray” suppliers that are a reliable partner for the motorist, not only at the time of sale, but also in the long time of operation of the vehicle.

Calling the automatic line programmed with the system CRM Krusher, the customer can specify the availability or order the necessary part for repair, specify the moments of warranty cases for free service, find out the loan options.

In addition to unconditional pluses for the client, the CRM Krusher system will be a real godsend for car marketers.

First, the system is equipped with an algorithm for sending reports on the results of calls. Based on these data, you can see which of your proposals received the greatest response in the market and focus on it.

Secondly, with the help of CRM Krusher, you can conduct marketing research, surveys and questionnaires of both existing and potential customers.

Questioning of car owners

CRM Krusher is indispensable, when on the nose holidays and lucrative offers must necessarily be conveyed to the buyer. Auto-dialing will cope with this as soon as possible, and you will get your expected surge in activity.

There is no longer any need to maintain a staff of managers in a call center or spend huge amounts of money on advertising. With the CRM Krusher system, you can program an infinite number of scenarios, use new phone databases, create and reconfigure the interactive menu.

Complex automation of business processes is the next logical step in the development of each business. Using modern methods of interaction with the target audience, your business will have consistently good performance.

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