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We live in an economically difficult time. Financial structures are disintegrated or absorbed by larger players. Together with the business his debts come, the return of which is easiest to outsource to collectors agencies.

What does each of us present with the terrible word “collector”? Almost no OCG on the phone, and this is at best. Threats, blackmail, intimidation – these wild methods, hailing from the 90s, are the destiny of nonprofessional firms to repay debts. The civilized market has long chosen modern ways of calling borrowers.

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The system CRM Krusher has long and successfully been used in collectors agencies. And, judging by their feedback, the results are more than joyful.

A little about the digits.

Virtually all the work, about 90%, the system performs independently. It’s important to set up CRM Krusher for your requirements, and you can safely think about optimizing a large staff.
Automatic calling works faster than anyone, even the best and most motivated team. More calls – more feedback. With the use of auto-dialing, the number of feedbacks from debtors increases by 60%, and the debt level also decreases proportionally, on average, by 35%-40%.

The system CRM Krusher in automatic programmable mode makes call of subscribers on your base of numbers. Calls are made in parallel, just on several lines. The borrower is given voice information, accesses the menu for more information, or the opportunity to connect with the operator.

In addition, there are many additional useful options:

  • the possibility of recording a conversation (as you understand, this is an invaluable material in further litigation);
  • generation of reports with detailed statistics on calls (this will provide an understanding of which kind of scenario is most effective.It will allow to form the algorithm of the debtor’s behavior and make the necessary adjustment of the scenario);
  • convenient system administration, remote control capability.

Collector agencies, despite a persistent negative reputation, the necessary link between the lender and the borrower, allowing to work productively with debt without court involvement.


As a rule, in any financial structure, whether it is an organization for issuing microloans or a large bank with an extensive regional network, there is an internal collector department specializing in so-called “short” debts. This debt, the term of which does not exceed 45 days. For more serious and almost hopeless cases resort to the help of third-party collector organizations.

The first and most important task is to convey the necessary information to the borrower. Surprisingly, until now the main mass of debtors are precisely those to which they did not get a phone call. Using the automated system CRM Krusher you can adjust the intensity and intervals of calls. Encryption of the main number and use of several lines will not allow the debtor to make a collector call to the “black list” and ignore it.

Of course, no one canceled the communication by email or personal contact. However, after obtaining a loan portfolio and sorting out all “long” debtors, the first interaction is still on the phone. And this is the most effective form of communication. According to the results of the first call, up to 30% of the loan proceeds. The use of automatic calling systems increases this indicator by an order of magnitude.

According to the research, communication itself takes less than a third of the working time for the operator. The rest of the resource goes to finding contacts, history, multiple dialing, waiting for a connection… By removing all these factors with CRM Krusher, you can increase the efficiency of the collector agency several times.

The automated calling system CRM Krusher can be used either as a companion tool, or it can be used as a full-fledged means of automatically informing a large audience in a given format.

In addition, such a tool is perfectly suited for analyzing the dynamics of work with the debtor. This will allow you to competently manage the data, segmenting the base of debts and planning new strategies for further interaction with borrowers (and as a bonus – has a functional reporting of the work of managers).

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