Программа для колл-центра

Application for call centers

Customer relationships are at the heart of any business, but sometimes a simple job of managing the mountains of databases can not give your customers the personalized attention they need. That’s why today many companies invest in software for managing customer relations (CRM).

It is very important to find a service that will help you fully control your business processes. And this service – CRM-system Krusher – a key component of any call-center, due to its multifunctionality, it can easily automate the workflow and bring it to a high level.

Business processes of the call center

The main task of any call-center of the company is to actively interact with its customer base on a regular basis, since keeping existing customers is much cheaper than attracting new ones. But in turn, it is necessary to make each outgoing call such that it gives the company the opportunity to get a new client.
We understand that each organization has its own unique problems and advantages. Thus, we have created an efficient service that, with a simple connection to the Internet, allows you to optimize the workflow of the call center and increase the client base of the company. Even without using the auto-dial system, you can use the CRM functionality to maintain a history of interaction with the client.

5 unquestionable arguments to integrate the CRM system into your business

1. Using CRM-system you in one click will be able to get exhaustive information

The CRM software provides a complete database for contacts with customers, technical support and maintenance. Each action from letters and meetings to customer service issues can be stored in one place and be available at any time. You no longer have to rely on spreadsheets, calendars and books for admission; all this will be at your fingertips and on the screen in a matter of seconds.

2. Using the CRM-system, you will improve the quality of customer service

When it comes to customer service, the CRM system will help you cope with any type of problem much faster – whether it’s a matter of complaint, the right e-mail address, everything that does not suffer procrastination, because the central database provides instant access to every detail of the customer transaction in one click. It eliminates the error of the manager having a simple and understandable functional.

3. The CRM system optimizes all business processes

Whether you collect a list of potential customers for calls or track calls that you have already made, the CRM system will have the most up-to-date information so you can keep track of everything and not lose the latest information. So you can track your own prospects and opportunities.

4. The CRM system will establish communication between the team


It is important to ensure the synchronization of all members of the sales team, to work together on the same projects.
So, CRM-system can increase efficiency and productivity of your company at each level.

5. CRM Krusher is always the right investment

The advantages of having a CRM system for your company may not be visible at first, but judging by experience, a good CRM system saves you a lot of time and money, so you invest in your own business.

With CRM Krusher, you can start working in minutes. Autodialer works in a simple and understandable scheme /provided that CRM Krusher is already set up in the workplace/:

  • first of all, we register through the web interface, to the address that was assigned at registration,
  • further – we load a database of contacts for обзвона,
  • also, as preparatory events, we create a call queue, i.e. in the queue are grouped all the employees of the company who will participate in the call,
  • and the last – determined with the parameter – the number of simultaneous calls and begin ringing.

You can access your CRM Krusher panel by submitting an application via contact form or call our phones.

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