How To Return A Lost Client To A Beauty Salon

How to return a lost client to a beauty salon

The rapid development of the beauty industry in recent years has suffered incredibly high competition in this area. Today, it is not enough to have a professional team of masters, which qualitatively performs its work and knows its business. Constantly…

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Software For Collectors

Software for collectors

We live in an economically difficult time. Financial structures are disintegrated or absorbed by larger players. Together with the business his debts come, the return of which is easiest to outsource to collectors agencies. What does each of us present…

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Cold Calls: “yes” Or “no”?

Cold calls: “yes” or “no”?

Everyone who starts a new business or extends the existing one knows how great the competition is in the market. Think about your target audience and the ways to attract it is even before writing a business plan and miscalculating…

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Auto-dial For Banks On A Real Example

Auto-dial for banks on a real example

In today's world, there is nothing more expensive than time and attention. The workload is increasing, and the time in the day is still 24 hours. One of the most effective, but also labor-intensive methods of working with potential customers,…

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