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How to return a lost client to a beauty salon

The rapid development of the beauty industry in recent years has suffered incredibly high competition in this area. Today, it is not enough to have a professional team of masters, which qualitatively performs its work and knows its business.

Constantly improving service and level of service is the key to successful salon business. The beauty salon is increasingly a multi-disciplinary institution that provides a variety of image services. Also, when visiting the beauty parlor, the client wants not only to get a high-quality service, but also to feel its own importance and exceptional attitude, which is manifested in the special hospitality and care to it from the staff. When a person understands that he is always waiting for affability, comfortable communication, when the attitude to the master at the level of friendly relations. And this feeling should be maintained and maintained even when a person is not directly at your salon.

Being the owner of a network of beauty salons in a big city, where the portrait of the target audience is constantly changing, it is important to keep abreast of the latest trends in the sphere in order to meet the most demanding requests and thus successfully conduct business.

With the duties of a master professional everything is clear enough, but there is another equally important position – the administrator of the beauty salon. Often the requirements for this position are very blurred, because this post is not considered prestigious, and many job seekers see it as a temporary form of employment. Considering that the duties of the administrator include only the vision of the journal of records and the meeting of the client in the salon. In this case, the importance of monitoring the client base and working with lost clients is ignored.

As the owners of beauty saloons themselves admit, sometimes they are simply terrified by what and how their administrator says, communicating by phone. And at this time, the statistics confidently reports that thanks to such a call of lost clients, it is possible to return from 15 to 30 percent of customers who have not visited the salon for more than two months.

It is absolutely inefficient to fill up a lost client with messages about promotions, news, services of your beauty salon. It is important to find out the reason why a person does not dare to make another visit to you. This feedback will not only help you resume visits, by offering exactly what the client needs, but also helps you understand what and how you can / need to improve in the salon. A properly structured dialogue structure is needed.

It is with such a task that the system of auto-call justify will easily cope. With the CRM Krusher system, you can create an infinite number of scenarios and not worry about the literacy and relevance of maintaining a dialogue with a lost client.

In addition, CRM Krusher – this is primarily speed. In a short period of time, you can easily process your, often a huge, database of lost customers, making several introductory scenarios to conduct analytics, invite to service, offering exactly what a person needs. Also, you will be able to “lead” the existing customers of the salon, on time recalling the record or informing about the special promotional offers operating in the salon.

CRM Krusher will solve the problem of monitoring the client base, remove unnecessary and often stressful (mainly work with the base of lost clients – this is working with the negative) for the administrator / manager, the activity.

CRM Krusher – are hardware or programmable mini-PBXs that perform many tasks and is good in that it can be fully optimized for your tasks. After the first month of operation, you will be able to evaluate the benefits of using the system and adapt it to the features of your business.

Be the leader in the field of providing beauty services. Perfect and correctly organize business processes using modern technologies, such as automatic call-back system Krusher.

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