Autocall In Fitness Club

To all the HLS or how we found clients for a new fitness club

Trend for a healthy lifestyle in the past few years can not but rejoice. Like mushrooms after the rain, there are sports clubs, whole huge networks with premium service packages, and small fitness rooms, yoga and dance studios.

All this is great, but one fashion for a fit body is not enough. The client needs to attract the fitness club and this is the most difficult task for every new player in this market.

I would like to tell you about our experience, which helped us to create our base of regular visitors and stable growth of newcomers.


Before plunging into the sports business with a head, we carefully studied the experience of competitors, noting good ideas and refusing to fail. The weakest point of any such business was attracting customers. We are familiar with the effect of the “conservative consumer”, especially in large cities. That is, once choosing a gym or fitness studio, the visitor, as a rule, seldom goes to competitors, as he gets used to location, coaches, and schedule. Change is always stressful. Consequently, the task number 1 – to attract a person, to show how good you are and can assume that you have received a permanent and grateful visitor.

With just what marketing strategy we did not have to face during the analysis! Some clubs just walked in pairs in the streets and pestered people with questions like: “You obviously overweight! Come to us, we have discounts! “… Comments are superfluous, as they say.

Someone was handing out leaflets at the metro, someone begging contacts of three friends and bombing them with spam, someone was attracted by eminent coaches (and this is one of the few civilized ways that we saw).

Our fitness room did not join these conservative and inefficient strategies. After consulting, we decided to meet modern techniques and found a technology for auto-dialing from CRM Krusher. The idea is simple, like all ingenious: a script is prescribed, a script of conversation, a convenient and accessible voice menu is formed – and voila! As in a children’s song: “Robots, not people, work.” We had a telephone base of real numbers for 3000 people. Imagine the time that would have been spent, do we call “manually”? Auto-call we just saved, until the opening, we would not have done it right.

The task for our fitness hall was not too ambitious at first – to attract up to 120 people who regularly attend training sessions. What was our surprise when after the first month of auto-dialing CRM Krusher we received 180 people! I had to urgently tighten the schedule and rent additional space. These were, of course, pleasant chores. The strategy chosen by us surpassed all expectations.

Fitness studio has earned at full capacity and we again noted how successful the idea was to purchase to CRM Krusher!

An important point, which is usually overlooked by owners of sports business – to keep a real customer is much easier than to attract a new one. With the help of auto-dialing we managed to form a community, united by a common idea of a healthy lifestyle and sport.

Client base

If you have a tool like CRM Krusher – then tight communication with customers does not take so much time. Girls on reception are not wearing out hundreds of same-type questions a day, as the voice menu greatly simplifies this task. Plus, you can always notify customers about changing schedules, days off, congratulating you on holidays or offering a new, more profitable, subscription.

Every director of a fitness room used to be a client to others, and we remember those dull voices on the phone, almost with hatred, wondering why several sessions were missed. With auto-dialing, the human factor is completely excluded: loaded the script, prescribed time codes and forward, for the increase in sales!

Today the words “customer loyalty” is the gold standard for every business. You do not need to spoil your visitors with spam. We make our own voice mailings only by significant info-guides or with important information for each type of customer. (the season ticket has expired, the month has been missed, a new direction in terms of their activities, etc.). Auto-dial is a convenient tool, but it’s important to understand how to use it. We always judge from the position of common sense and believe that the quality is better than the quantity, therefore the information is submitted meaningfully and dosed.

We want to wish good luck to all newcomers and give good advice: do not be afraid to experiment with something new, do not ignore the technical innovations and success will come!

Well, we have already made our choice in favor of CRM Krusher already done.

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