CRM And Autodialer

CRM or all the same auto-dialing?!

CRM Krusher is a system of auto-dialing (or can be called a system of automatic redialling), which is suitable for the function of call centers, and to some extent suitable for any company (our CRM is applicable in various business sectors: from a telecommunications company to a company of a builder or a small pizzeria), which uses telephony as a connection with counterparties.

It is important to understand that our service is NOT an outsourcable call center, software, or more accurately say online service for this kind of companies, and various others.

And when, more often than not, managers who were tasked with finding resources to handle calls or call database numbers do not fully understand the scheme for implementing this mechanism. And if we consider this process in more detail, then there are two options for the development of events:

Outsource call-center

  • outsourcing / external call center hiring will entail the organization of such processes as: the creation of documentation of business processes that will be formed in this call center, the creation of scenarios of dialogues and possible answers, on all sorts of questions from subscribers, the development of a scheme for analyzing the quality of work of this communication center, the development of quality indicators for which it will be possible to assess how much the quality of the work of a freelance unit affects qualitatively or negatively. Of course, in the process of work there may be other problems or additional mechanisms of work, but this is an individual history of each company:
    • minuses:
      • freelance unit, usually more expensive;
      • there is a risk, do not immediately find a professional team, which in a short time adapts to your product;
      • the high threshold of integration of the process of interaction;
      • the employee of the call center can not always connect the client with the direct employee, the company at the request of the client;
    • pluses:
      • all the necessary equipment may already be installed and configured;
      • the call center can offer ready-made scenarios for talking about similar business processes;
  • integration of the Krusher system in your company, will deprive you of the need to set up a mechanism for interaction with a freelance unit, but of course everything is not so rosy, no one cancels the process of forming new business processes, creating dialogue scenarios, and so on. But the plus is that the calls will be stored on your server and using the web interface you can find any record and listen. In this way, and monitor the quality of the work of employees, and monitor the tendencies of interaction with the client, and regulate the development strategy:
    • minuses:
      • it’s not always possible to train your employee automatically;
      • less costly process in the financial indicator;
      • several days are necessary for setting up our system for the specific work of the company;
    • pluses:
      • the system will employ employees who know your product / service and present it to the customer will be easier;
      • each new client will be assigned to a specific employee and at future calls, the system will immediately connect them;

Magic auto-dialing

As a base for telephony is the system PBX Asterisk (well, or in the native language Asterisk). And the whole process of automatic calling is “supervised” through Asterisk. PBX and calls the number base, and accepts incoming calls and allows you to make an outgoing call either from Krusher’s office or, classically, from a landline phone on the desk. And no matter where the process of the birth of the call started, everything is distributed by Asterisk and therefore all calls will be recorded, all calls will have the status (phoned, not accepted, error, etc.).

If, in short, to tell how the whole kitchen is brewed (ie how auto-dialing works for subscribers), then the process is the following (of course, we mean that CRM Krusher is already set up in the workplace):

  • for the beginning we are authorized through the web interface, to the address that was issued at registration. Usually this is the address, where the subdomain is the talking company name;
  • after this, in the first place, the base for ringing is loaded. Pre-created template for import, because the database can not only consist of numbers, but there can be stored additional information like: name, company name, department, address and so on;
  • also, as a preparatory activity, a call queue is created, i.e. in the queue are grouped all the employees of the company who will participate in the call;
  • and here it is the truth that we have been waiting for. We are determined with the parameter – the number of simultaneous calls and press the button “Start calling”. And so to speak – “Let’s go!”

Schema “Interactions of CRM + Autodialer – Asterisk”

Autodial schema

During a CRM call, the system will assist the employee in every possible way, display information about the client (information will be taken from the imported call group, of course, if this data is there). And in the future, if the contact is already correctly registered in the system, i.e. created his personal card – will always be displayed on the screen. Thus, any employee before picking up the phone – will already understand who is calling him and, to some extent, will be ready to talk.

And since Krusher is a CRM for auto-dialing, it already contains the mechanisms of interaction with the client, and this is the creation of a customer’s card, the creation of a transaction, billing, and so on … Therefore at any time, an employee who has access to this contact will be able to see the whole history of interaction (when and why the customer called, what document circulation was carried out, what the customer bought, and so on). Thus, even if you do NOT use the auto-dial mechanism, you can use the CRM functionality to maintain the history of interaction with the client, and auto-dialing will help to increase the client base of your customers faster.

And if you sum up, everyone can call CRM Krusher both the auto-dialing program and the auto-dialing application, but in the modern world, all the applications that we are accustomed to launch on the desktop and use them – migrate to a spacious network, with the usual name, the Internet. That’s Krusher – settled on the Internet, and since the Internet is now in every office, he has where to work.

As additional services, the standard assembly of CRM Krusher can be delivered to the special. Statistics that help you navigate the calls faster and maintain the quality of work.

So now, it became even clearer – what is CRM Krusher, and how it helps to live the office, which plans sales through cold and warm calls.

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