MicroSIP Krusher

How to set up a microSIP softphone to connect to CRM Krusher

The microSIP softphone is designed for the Windows operating system and is an opensource project that lives on the site https://www.microsip.org/, where you can download and work.

Install and start customizing.

You can find the connection data in CRM Krusher by opening the Settings – Users menu item and clicking on the name of the user you need. After that, the form will open in the lowest block, which will be visible data for access.

Now it’s time to add a SIP connection. To do this, we click in the right corner of the button with the triangle, and in the menu that appears, click on the item “Add account”.

After we have coped with this task, it’s time to drive in the settings.

  • Название акаунта – we enter the name, for own understanding of the name of the account
  • SIP сервер – domain and port to connect
  • Пользователь – user login
  • Домен – domain and port to connect
  • Логин – user login
  • Пароль – SIP account password

After completing the information, it is necessary to confirm their correctness by clicking on the “Сохранить” button, after which the main form of the softphone will open.

The phrase “Онлайн” indicates that the connection attempt was successful, you can start calling.

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