Configuring CallBack on your site

Any user of the auto-dialer system CRM Krusher, can for a couple of minutes set up on his website CallBack (the mechanism for ordering a call by a client who visit your site).

Description of parameters:

#Name *Description
1Phonespecifies the client number, for example: 380443643694
2extendetermine where to send the client if he answered, for example: 1000, where 1000 is the queue number
3Aididentifier – which is issued individually to each user, employee of our company
4urlthe domain on which the CRM Krusher is installed

* – all fields are mandatory


An example of JavaScript code that must be added to the end of the HTML page where the chime mechanism should work.


And for running the CallBack script in the work, it only remains to add a call to it in HTML code


You will have to save this code and refresh the page!

PS: do not forget that while in CRM Krusher everything is already set up for calls.


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