Cold Call For Business

Cold calls: “yes” or “no”?

Everyone who starts a new business or extends the existing one knows how great the competition is in the market. Think about your target audience and the ways to attract it is even before writing a business plan and miscalculating all the risks.

There are marketing strategies that have long since become obsolete, such as distributing leaflets by the subway or advertising in the newspaper. Auto-call also firmly holds the leading positions in the effectiveness of customer search for any type of business.

Business plan development

Why is this type of interaction most effective? There are several reasons.
The first and most important – you establish direct contact with the consumer and not only inform him about the product, but also get important marketing information.

CRM Krusher systems are equipped with systems for storing voice information and providing reporting data. By the time of interaction and reciprocal movements of the consumer, one can judge the correctness of the chosen scenario, the urgency of the call base and the demand for your offer on the market.

For primary communication and acquaintance of a potential consumer with your product, auto-dialing is simply irreplaceable. Business, and so doing the first steps, will not have to bear the costs of maintaining the call center. The cost of an automated call is lower by several orders of magnitude while maintaining the required efficiency.

CRM Krusher — it’s hardware or programmable mini-PBXs that perform many tasks. The standard program is endowed with a limited set of functions, which, however, is quite sufficient for the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. The system is good because it can be fully optimized for your tasks, and after the first month of operation you will be able to understand what you lack with robotic calls.

Cold Calling Technology

The mistake will be to think that the primary contact must necessarily be “alive”, it is not. You will spend a lot of time dialing the number, updating the database and breaking through the system of secretaries and deputies. With the help of the automatic call system CRM Krusher you will receive cards for each client, a kind of “business”, indicating the date of contact, duration, the algorithm of the subscriber’s actions and response to your offer. Further and the most promising calls you can already make on your own, making up for the user a competent voice menu.

The automatic dialer CRM Krusher is the cheapest way to form the primary customer base. The program is in some way a designer that you can build yourself by adding the functionality that is needed at the moment: SMS notification, statistics collection, integration of a new script and database.

One of the useful novelties of CRM Krusher can be considered the development of chat-bot, which is able to take out-of-hours calls, answering the simplest questions of subscribers. Something more complex can be left in the form of a voice message, which your employees will process in the morning.

At the moment, an additional application is being tested, which will allow accepting orders in the same automatic voice mode, which will provide customers with one more stable channel, through which one can make a purchase.

All scripts that are in the system can be constantly updated and modified, thus “learning” CRM Krusher and making it as relevant as possible for your business. It will not be useless to listen to records with the results of communication, so you can understand what is more demanded by the target audience, and what should be discarded.

Voice recording

Another important point is the recording of the voice. We strongly recommend that our customers read the script themselves. A live voice, without solid intonations, like those of professional broadcasters, receives a greater response. People do not immediately understand. that with them the machine speaks and more willingly go on contact. Update your voice menu, let the “voice” of your company be diverse, but invariably cheerful!

Statistics are ruthless and argues that the vast majority of companies are closed in the first three years of activity, and not having reached the planned capitalization. With the systems of automatic dialing CRM Krusher you definitely will not get into this sad statistics.

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