Autodial At Insurance Company

Effective telemarketing for the sale of insurance products

About how difficult it is to conduct insurance business in our country, only those who conduct insurance business know. If this is not compulsory insurance such as OSAGO or travel insurance – write was gone.

Unfortunately, we still have a common point of view: “Until the thunder breaks out – the man does not cross himself.” BUT! There is one remarkable exception that we would like to share.

Life insurance

The type of insurance that our structure deals with is related to life and health. It would seem that the unconditional value, which does not require the agent to make special efforts to convince the client. Health insurance is, first of all, responsibility to your family, children who can remain defenseless in the event of a situation that we sincerely do not want.
Every person who has a child, elderly parents, people who depend on him, must think three steps ahead and lay the saving straw wherever possible.

But alas, overcoming the age-old mentality is not so simple as it seemed to us at first. Having broken many copies and closing the quarter with a large deficit, we seriously thought about what can be done to correct the situation.

The strategy of active promotion was chosen as the most effective tool for solving our problems. The target audience of the insurance product needs constant stimulation, and telemarketing is exactly the type of communication that copes with it perfectly.

Of course, we stepped on all the necessary rakes: there were cold calls on the base, which took an incredible amount of time and effort with a scant result. We also had experience of cooperation with an outsourcing agency. The cost of the call was reduced, but with efficiency, the trouble only worsened.

We needed a fundamentally new solution and we found it! The automatic call system CRM Krusher unleashed our hands and we finally began to close dozens of transactions a day.

A few words about the technology:
CRM Krusher works as a system of automatic notification of an unlimited number of subscribers on the telephone base. The script of the prepared information is registered, there is an opportunity to go to the interactive menu to find out details or to contact the operator without interrupting the call.
Already after the first week of CRM Krusher, it became clear that the call center would have to be expanded, the number of incoming calls was greater than we expected.

Since the system Krusher allows you to make up to hundreds of parallel calls per minute, this gives a lot of room for maneuver. Marketers of our insurance company have developed several scenarios, proposals and actions. We tested them in real time and eventually left only those positions that had the greatest feedback from the audience. By the way, CRM Krusher is equipped with a performance reporting system, which was a great help to analysts.

However, getting a customer is only the tip of the iceberg. As already mentioned, this type of business is characterized by a fairly inert CA and then auto-dialing proves that this is really an indispensable tool for the insurer.

As we know, the insurance policy always expires at the wrong time. But with the help of CRM Krusher you can schedule the ringing of such subscribers, gently remind about the terms, thereby recommending yourself as a caring and reliable business partner.

a happy family

Our marketers appreciated the possibility of an individual revision of the system, and especially the polling system, which gives a clear picture of the consumer’s expectations.

Integrating the database with CRM Krusher excludes operator involvement in the conversation until the user specifies this command in the menu. As a result – we receive only targeted calls and requests.

The number of algorithms and scenarios is limited only by your imagination. Having called on the automatic line, the client can always find out the status of his insurance, the type of insurance event and generally clarify the answer to almost any question of his interest, without involving the operator. You can store this information on voice servers for as long as you like. I think, it is not necessary to say how important these records can become in the event of an insurance situation.

The decision to use CRM Krusher completely changed our business. Having seen the figures of the revenue part, at first we even did not believe our eyes and made a second audit.

When the result far exceeds expectations, it is always perceived as a small miracle. But in the case of CRM Krusher, no magic can be said. It’s just a great tool for insurance companies and it just works.

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