Autodial For Developers

How autodialing works used by the developer company

Any large city recently resembles one continuous construction. Migration of population to larger cities requires all new residential areas and construction companies try in every way to satisfy this demand by offering real estate of any quadrature and layout. Its customers find both modern condominiums with all the necessary infrastructure, and small smart apartments chosen by young people who are not used to sit on the spot.

However, it is not uncommon for people who are not in demand for a square meter to empty their homes. This means only one thing – the complete failure of the sales department.

Help to the sales department of the developer

The use of ineffective marketing tools can bury any business, especially such investment-unstable as real estate transactions.

Many years of experience of the developers states – in the market there is still nothing more effective than telephone negotiations with a potential buyer. Conversions from banner advertising, TV and radio commercials, advertising on the Internet and various SEO-optimizations are still lower than traditional, but, nevertheless, extremely effective telemarketing.

But, with all the advantages of direct contact with the buyer, one can not but note the obvious drawbacks of this strategy: a resource-intensive call center, a large expenditure of time for mechanical actions: dialing a number, waiting for a connection, and re-dialing-this takes the lion’s share of the working day, conclusion of transactions, and not for listening to long hooters.

Companies who value their time and are interested in maintaining a constant motivation of staff should pay attention to automatic dialers CRM.

What is the essence of:

Imagine that every call of your manager is productive. And this call – incoming, from an already interested, “hot” client. Fantastic? No, with the system of automatic dialing – reality.

Idea for implementation

Having set up the scripts for the tasks you need, you will get rid of the tedious preparatory work: the system will dial the number from the database, reproduce the voice script and inform the client about the necessary information. Using the voice menu, the potential buyer connects to the operator, and further – in the hands of your specialist.

The modern way of using the phone is somewhat different from what it was before. Now phones are mini-computers and they are used mainly for correspondence in instant messengers and consumption of content in social networks. The call can easily be skipped. CRM-systems re-ring non-answering numbers, which allows you to use your database with maximum efficiency.
This is not your problem – to mark and track silent phones, you will not even notice these movements. All the “garbage”, the black work remains behind the scenes. Your own sales specialists will only have to bring the call to the deal.

Another function of CRM, from which marketers will definitely be delighted – is the collection and reporting of actions taken. Your analytical department will receive the most informative concise information: the number of outgoing calls, the duration, the conversion after the call, and other data upon request. Based on this material, it will be possible to draw a conclusion about the relevance of the database, the correctness of the chosen scenario and strategy. In time making changes to the “live” feedback of the audience you can show the best result of all possible.

In connection with the growing demand for real estate, developers have developed specialized, progressive automatic dial-up systems.

Now subscriber lists and their distribution by operators can be adjusted taking into account the scenario. Intelligent CRM-systems with integrated voice menu allow the developer to cover more contacts and make interaction with them more productive, keeping and distributing the flow of outgoing calls according to the level of customer’s readiness for purchase.

warm calls

In other words, the system remembers and takes into account the contact already made, its duration and result. Accordingly, cold and warm calls are distributed to different departments, according to the approved algorithm.

Small companies that provide ready-made CRM systems or develop an individual product on a special order are more loyal than large players. For companies like CRM-Krusher, for example, you can take a budgetary and simple CRM model even for rent, to test it in “combat conditions” and personally to see how useful this tool can be to you. Well, then you can create a functional that completely meets the needs of your business. In large companies, setting up such complex CRMs, with an intelligent management system and generating call records, is a long and expensive business. That is why it is worth paying attention to young, but ambitious companies, cooperation with which will not be traumatic for the budget, but effective for business.

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