Autodial For Banks

Auto-dial for banks on a real example

In today’s world, there is nothing more expensive than time and attention. The workload is increasing, and the time in the day is still 24 hours.

One of the most effective, but also labor-intensive methods of working with potential customers, remains a direct call on the phone. I think it will be superfluous to remind you how long this activity takes. The very process of selling a banking service – a thing fascinating and experienced managers know this delightful sense of a closed deal. But how much preparatory work remains behind the scenes!

Information becomes obsolete with the speed of sound. The lion’s share of effort and time is in updating the telephone base.

We have long been looking for a way to optimize this tedious process and finally found!

CRM Krusher automatic dialer became for us just a wand-zaschalochkoy. That rare case when the software product suits for all 200%.

Let’s talk about our assistant a bit more detailed

Auto-dialing in the Bank!

All units

Krusher — a company that creates a service for automatic call of the client base. It is arranged so conveniently that after a test month in one of the marketing departments of the bank, we installed CRM Krusher in all branches and regions.

With the help of auto-dialing we keep the database of numbers in perfect order. Also, the system is used internally – to communicate the entire network of important information. Well, of course – to solve the external problems of the bank.

The collection department after the first four weeks of using Krusher showed an increase in efficiency of 30%! Innovative technologies in the service of reducing debtors have shown an excellent result, which we plan only to increase.

In any marketing department they know how difficult it can be to create a new banking product before the customers start using it. Krusher auto-dialing allows you to inform the audience in the shortest possible time about all the new products of the bank, providing a steadily growing customer flow.

The most convenient in this service is its flexibility and versatility. You can change the call script if you find that the initial treatment turned out to be ineffective. The question arises: “How can this be detected?”. Krusher equips its systems with detailed statistics to analyze the effectiveness of voice mailing. In addition, the company is always open to dialogue, you can contact the developers to refine additional features. We had a couple of non-standard tasks and we are very grateful to Krusher for effective interaction and a special, personal approach to each customer.

The general analysis of the financial results for the first quarter of the work with the new CRM Krusher system showed that we managed to increase the profitability by an average of 20%!

System settings take into account all possible factors. You can completely configure the parameters for the necessary tasks:

  • number of dialing attempts;
  • setting the interval between calls;
  • scenario and terms of connection with the operator;
  • unique voice menu;
  • the ability to specify an exact algorithm for notifications or set the activity by the days of the week.

For a long time we can talk about the technical perfection of the service, but we, as customers, pay attention primarily to its effectiveness for our sphere of work. And we are happy to say that this is an ideal tool for financial organizations, allowing to solve problems of any level of complexity and urgency.


No army of managers could cope with the volume of calls made by the automated dialer Krusher. We canceled the monthly fee for the maintenance of cards of individuals, as automatic notifications allowed us to reduce the costs for calling, which managers carried out. This was a pleasant surprise for our customers and a significant competitive advantage for us.

Just trusting modern technologies, we have discovered a new level of efficiency and speed of work.

A plus and a nice fic for marketers was the ability to quickly conduct polls among customers. Thus, we eliminated spending on focus groups and lengthy marketing research. The distance of our dialogue with the end user was reduced to the distance of one call!

If you still call customers in the old-fashioned way, manually, you yourself steal a huge resource of time. For ourselves, we have long concluded that the automated dialer Krusher is the best choice for the banking sector.

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