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Using the system of auto-dialing for state institutions on the example of housing and communal services | CRM Krusher

Traditionally there is an opinion that state bodies are a structure that is slow, bureaucratically inert and conservative. And meanwhile, modern life dictates completely new standards for the submission of information, and the excuse “Not a day of reception” is no longer getting off. Little by little, the services that form the electronic queue are beginning to appear, and there are even on-line consultants here and there. Sincerely we hope that the times “Come on Tuesday / Thursday from 14: 00-17: 00” will forever go down in the past.

The government is an institution directly interacting with the population, processing a huge flow of requests and requests. In addition, in such structures, there is a regular need to convey vital information to people. But few of us buy or view specialized publications, where such ads are usually published. Subsequently, there are misunderstandings, torn timing and a new flow of complaints. Cope with the problem you can. And it would be better not in a grandfather’s way, posting ads on the porches, but with the help of modern technologies.

One of the successful cases, implemented by non-indifferent people, was the equipping of one of the housing offices with an automatic call system CRM Krusher.

It is difficult to imagine another state. The structure having the same amount of complaints from the consumer. Stably incoming invoices and absolutely zero quality of services are able to derive the most balanced person from himself. The CRM system was designed to fix the problem.

And according to the results of the first quarter of the work, the changes have been cardinal. The Krusher team worked in tight tandem with the staff, as it was not easy to master the complex technique yourself. A voice menu was registered, which immediately unloaded the application department. In one small housing office was organized almost full-fledged call center, with automatic distribution of calls to the relevant departments. That is, the application was answered not by the exhausted secretary who receives calls every minute, namely, the department that deals with the required problem. Communication between the applicant and the performer has reached a qualitatively new level.

The district that was serviced by the Housing and Communal Services, equipped with the Krusher system, was not recognized. And all thanks to the fact that at any time it was possible to call the hotline and report any problems, unloaded rubbish or broken bulbs – each such treatment was processed during working hours (the voice application is stored on the server, you can listen to it when you come to work).

Planned repairs, the shutdown of hot water or the visit of gas workers – all this was learned by the residents on the phone, during the fan call. Two serious accidents were avoided – all because the residents who had been warned in advance were at home and the gas service team was able to detect breakages and correct them in time.

Well, work with municipal debt has reached a new level. No more “lists of shame” on the access door were hung out and certainly not cut off communications to malicious defaulters. Several series of scheduled calls in accordance with a pre-written scenario, the collection of analysts and repeated calls – and the Housing and Communal Services coped almost completely with non-payments.

The implementation of the CRM Krusher system at the citywide level, the collection of all calls to a single service center can completely change the scope of public services. We are all familiar with the famous “theories of broken windows” – if the slightest disorder is promptly eliminated, there will never be a spontaneous landfill or places of accumulation of declassed elements in the city. CRM Krusher is designed for heavy loads, to participate in such a large and ambitious project would be useful for us and the city.

Any problem is always easier to prevent than solve. The CRM Krusher </ b> system is most convenient for consumers on both sides of the handset. Mass notification of residents saves time and energy on sticking ads. Working with the voice menu makes it easier for the consumer to get the service from the Housing Office.

We can safely admit that this was one of the most useful and successful cases of CRM Krusher. The government – these are the structures that need innovation first, and the automatic call system can be the first step to build a qualitatively new interaction between the public and state organizations.

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