AutoDialer From CRM Krusher

CRM Krusher – Automatic dialing system for business

Automatic phone calls– this is a universal web-service for optimizing telephone communications, which is capable of automatic calling over 10,000 contacts for 1 day.

It is a flexible tool for automating the entire cycle of interaction with the client – from the formation of the call list to the creation of reports on specific operations.

The product is designed to simplify and reduce the cost of telephone communication with customers, which increases the productivity and efficiency of doing business.

The system allows:

  • Create and load the client base in the required format
  • Register customers
  • Conduct automatic call of the customer base
  • Manage time periods for calls
  • Configure actions for an unsuccessful calls
  • Form transactions with customers for online sales
  • Carry out customer questionnaires


Demonstration of the solution

CRM Krusher is suitable for:

Auto-dialDial FormingQuestionnaires
Call-centersOnline shoppingBanks
Communication companiesBanksAuto dealers
Insurance companiesInsurance companiesInsurance companies
BanksConstruction companiesSocial organizations
Gas companiesFitness clubsPolitical organizations
Utility companies
Collector’s office

With the help of PBX Asterisk autodialer is configured very quickly and flexibly for business of any scale.

The breadth of the program’s capabilities was formed over the years of development, professional service and consideration of the wishes of our customers.
It is the experience and efforts of all the participants of the project accumulated during this time that allowed us to create the most advanced tool in the field of automation of telephone communications for business.

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