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Auto-dial: another assistant accountant!

balad - accountant and scoresA modern accountant is not a “grandmother with scores”, but a specialist who helps to ensure the continuous operation of the company, make important management decisions, is the connecting link of all departments of the enterprise. But besides this, do not forget about the more routine work that nobody canceled for accountants: preparation of financial statements, billing, VAT control, and even reconciliation with counterparties, proceedings with unscrupulous debtors, etc. The latter, in particular, takes a lot of time, because not always the counterparty can immediately respond and you constantly have to distract from important things in order to re-dial it (after all, you want to get own money).

Why am I writing about this? Yes, because I am an accountant and this is, so to speak, “a painful topic.”

Modern business is characterized by the automation of economic processes, which in many ways influenced the accounting, simplifying it. Now it is difficult to find a company where you do not use 1C or its analogs, where there are no electronic exchange of documents, where the accountant “in an old fashioned way” keeps records in books and notebooks (of course, I do not exclude that “accounting Mohicans” may still exist). But the question of reconciling with customers and dialing debtors remains unclosed until now. Yes, I do not argue that it is not difficult to dial a phone number or write an e-mail, but even 1 counterparty takes a lot of time, and what can I say if their 10, 20, 50 and not everyone can pick up the phone in time, and even if they raised, not the fact that one conversation ends. That’s it with this problem I encountered at work and for a long time did not know how to solve it.

Гарячие лидыOur company has a large client base (more than 500 customers) and, unfortunately, not all of them are conscientious. Therefore, due to the fact that one of the sites on which I work is receivables and payables, sometimes I come to call to find answers and possible terms for its repayment. In a month, such customers can be from 10 to 30 and to solve the issue of debt sometimes have to spend the whole day. But lost time is not the only problem. Among the other negative aspects is the following: terribly bored as a robot constantly dial numbers; you can accidentally dial the wrong counterpart or person who has not worked for a long time in this organization; you can skip the call from the counterparty while checking with another client and not even knowing who called. All this terribly complicates the work, leads to inefficient use of working time and, as for me, this kind of ringing is a stone age (well, is not it?).

That’s why, once again calling customers, I decided that we need to look for an alternative to this method of communication, because now it’s the 12th century, and Bell is a hero of the past epochs. After conducting searches on the Internet, I could not immediately find a suitable mechanism, but my friend (part-time accountant too) told how she launched a CRM Krusher product. The second attempt to google was much more successful, I found a site that advertised the service Krusher, allegedly able to automatically call a given client base, to update the phone numbers and so much else.

interaction between departmentsI can not say that I was immediately convinced that this is the service that I’m looking for (after all, in truth, I did not imagine how he is my assistant), and at first glance it seems that he is more suitable for call centers, but still decided to consult and learn all the features of Krusher. After talking with the manager of this company, a dozen stupid questions from me and a little testing of this product (which was completely free), I realized that Krusher is another assistant for a modern accountant. After all, this service is able to independently call a specified number of numbers; helps to carry out their actualization; helps to save on telephone communication; forms a report on the conducted call; re-dials that did not answer. Yes, and in use it is a very simple program, with an accessible interface and flexible functionality, which allows it to be customized to suit specific usage. We with colleagues in accounting, we can divide the counterparties in Krusher’s cabinet and everyone will work with their own (we are currently testing this method).
Работай отдыхаяBy the way, in our company Krusher was first installed only in the accounting department, but rumors of our successes leaked to other departments and the program was finalized by Krusher specialists and implemented in our sales department. So I think Krusher will soon “win” problems of the sales department.

In a word, in the world of technologies, there was another innovative product aimed at simplifying the work with clients, which will become an indispensable assistant for the accountant, and not only.
And saving time in our time, positively affects both the salary and the well-being.

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